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Alber Sklavos, P.C.

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The clients at our firm range from corporations to individuals facing life in prison. This firm has litigated controversial custody cases and complex divorces. We have been successful achieving acquittals at trial, getting cases outright dismissed, achieving favorable settlements, and negotiating favorable agreements. The mission of our firm is to work endlessly for results. We recognize that we are a result based industry, and we do everything we can

for our clients including answering calls at all hours. As a firm we strive to have our clients’ questions answered immediately without delay. This firm looks forward to the prospect of a trial, and is proud of its reputation amongst the bar and bench for the trial ability of its’ members. Nonetheless, our firm takes a cost conscious approach with an eye on achieving the desired result, which often times can be achieved without a trial.

Alber Sklavos, P.C. is a team of Attorneys experienced in the areas of Criminal/Federal Defense, Matrimonial/Family Law, Litigation, Real Estate, and Personal Injury.

Sometimes you may find yourself in difficult situations and not be able to defuse the situation without going to court. Our lawyers will also represent you in various civil litigation cases and provide you the help you need in the best way possible.

Company Leader

Michael J. Alber has made it the firm’s mission to work endlessly for results.


Strong Capabilities

The firm looks forward to the prospect of a trial and is proud of it’s reputation amongst the bar and the bench.

Conscious Approach

We are a cost conscious firm with an eye on achieving desirable results for our clients.