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Long Island Guardianship Attorney

Alber Sklavos, P.C.

Long Island Guardianship Attorney

A guardian is someone who is appointed to make important decisions for another person who is not able to make those decisions on their own. This may be for a child, an adult with intellectual or developmental disabilities, or an adult who becomes incapacitated. Alber Sklavos, P.C. can assist with the different types of guardianships petitions.

  • Guardianship for a minor: A minor may need a legal guardian when a parent dies, leaves the country, or becomes too sick to care for the child. A guardian for a child can also be named in the parents’ wills. If the parents die and a judge in Surrogate’s Court approves, then the person named in the will can become the child’s legal guardian.
  • Guardianship for an intellectually or developmentally disabled adult: When a person reaches the age of 18, the State of New York assumes they are legally competent to make their own choices. In the case of an adult with intellectual or developmental disabilities who is not able to make decisions on their own.
  • Guardianship for a minor: An adult who was previously able to make their own decisions may become incapacitated as the result of an injury or illness.

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